Move and refactor entity names exception, eclipse


I have a ready project, but that turned out how the entity names aren’t the right language and should be in a sub package.
So I tried to rename it in the Cuba Studio and change the Package name, but it suggested me to do it in the IDE. So I use Eclipse and I wanted to move my entities into the new sub package which is created in Cuba Studio and now empty, but I got from eclipse this exception:

An exception has been caught while processing the refactoring 'Move'.

Reason: [in [in src [in myproject-global]]] does not exist

And there is two options: Undo and Abort. I get the same exception when I refactor the class’s/entitiy’s name.

So could you tell me what is the problem? Or how to do it right?


I could move in eclipse the entity java files, it refactored it, but when it did it without any error then in cuba, cuba studio writes that:

[13:28:49.397] Error loading entity
java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: ...MyProject\modules\global\src\com\company\myproject\entity\

Try to check the contents of the persistence.xml file located in the global module of your project and make sure entity packages are correct.