More tutorials

Hi, can you share a little tutorial to create an application with CUBA similar to taxi App¿?

Perhaps two entity, or make this on available tutorial of Sales, but with and extended Dashboard ¿?

For example: a widjet indicates, how number of orders has today, other with total order (units / Amount) of this month ?

And, put Menu on left side?

With one Tutorial for start, i mind that it’s all necessary to expand any application.


Hi Ivan,
Thank you for the feedback.
You can take a look at the “Dashboard” sample available in Studio, it was published recently. It is a source of the “Taxi Company Dashboard” online demo.
We will consider adding more “real” data to it in the future.

Problem, is to give the route or the correct route for reproduce the example.

For that, my answer to give a second tutorial, more bigger that exists, to make a project similar to taxi, or other type.

HI Konstantin,

i’ve been checked DashBoard Demo, but, we cannot Scroll on Layout, it’s cutted and has no access to down to de bottom of the layout.

It’s possible to add a Scroll Vertical or Horizontal control, to navigate for complet Layout?

And I would like to have more information about creating a Dashboard and interactive. although not so many entities. I think it’s important for anyone starting with Cuba , have a complete guide of some examples. Here , there is only the designs, and the important thing is to link some statistics with a data source . And add map with info in database, for example Sales By Postal Code.

Dashboard give’s and idea for what is possible to make with Cuba. Problem it’s make’it :wink:


What do you want to scroll on layout? Could you please add a screen shot with the cutted layout?