More centralised data model/entity desing

Some CASE/ORM tools allow to define broad UI elements along the entity design.
In cuba we have a posibility only to define a localised field label in the entity model (field name).

It would be nice if we could define more attributes, for example hint or description, which could be displayed in edit form, AND if we use Postgresql it can be use as a field remarks and can be stored in the database schema.

But apart from that it would be nice to have a possibility to define error notification, column header, and all of the ui element labels in generally which can be tied to the particular field.
For a boolean field we could define a true and falsy label, because it can be different from field to field.

It is only a suggestion ,right now i am in the middle of defining a quite large data model almost 100 entity not counting several dictionary entity, and it would be save me a great chunk of time.


That’s an interesting idea.

We’ve had a discussion recently on whether we should include in the data model some UI-related things like the type of a visual component to use in a FieldGroup, or whether to use a lookup screen or a drop-down list to select a reference. Your suggestions are in the same area.

We will probably include this in the roadmap - it will be published soon, so you will be able to vote and comment on a planned implementation.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: