Monthly server cost


following Cuba development for years and finally decided to use it for my next project. It is a SAAS based application for billing. One of my clients is accounting agency and currently they use my MS ACCESS based solution locally for theirsclients.

My question is regarding the server cost if I use Jelastic? Is it possible to estimate costs if I have 100 clients, 50 tables and no more than 20000 rows monthly inserted? I need a rough estimation of monthly server costs so we can calculate end cost for the client?

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It is nearly impossible to estimate monthly costs for custom application from the platform perspective because it is heavily dependent on your application domain and specifics of load.

If you want to find the best cloud solution Iā€™d recommend that you compare a couple of different cloud platforms, such as Heroku, Jelastic, Cloud Foundry and choose the best plan for your app.