Hi there !
Firstly, I am newbie here and I haven’t any deep knowledge with cuba.platform.
My question is:
Are there any possibility to use MongoDB in cuba platform ? If yes, how ?
I appreciate any help.


well i haven’t played with CUBA + NoSQL much, but i would generally say the following: Since CUBA Platform uses EclipseLink as the JPA Provider and in Version 2.5 EclipseLink has a feature for NoSQL datastores. For more information look here:

For further information i’ll step aside :slight_smile: Nevertheless, i find it a very interessting approach and would like to hear about it as well.


We have only a limited experience using MongoDB as an additional data source through Spring Data Repository. So the main static data model is stored in the relational database, and some free-form documents are stored in MongoDB. Of course, in this case the standard CUBA generic UI can work only with data from RDBMS, and you have to deal with the MongoDB data manually.

Could you tell us more about your intention? Why MongoDB, what task do you want to solve using it?

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: