Modification of a checkbox field in a datagrid with editing enabled

Good morning, I have a strange case related to the modification of a checkbox field in a datagrid with editing enabled. I have an entity in which a property is of type boolean, this entity I show it in a datagrid with the editing buffer activated, when I am going to modify in the datagrid line the boolean property, although it is visually checked and unchecked when I leave the line editing it remains unchecked and with value false. Although I have accepted with Ok, it continues without changing its value and always remains in false and deactivated the checkbox.
I have also checked in the EditorPostCommit the value of the boolean property and it always takes false, although I have activated it, on the other hand I have tried to debug in the ItemPropertyChange method for this property but the execution never stops there.
Any idea of what can be happening.
Theme Elium.
Cuba Platform 7.2.15, plugin15.6-202, intelliJ Cuba Studio 2020.2
Macbook pro 16 and Big Sur 11.6

Hi @albertosanchez

According to CUBA documentation, the changes in the DataGrid inline editor are committed to the data source or data container only. The logic to save these changes in the database should be added separately.

Does that answer your question?


Thanks Nadezhda but the problem arises before saving in the database. The steps I follow are:
1.- I check the checkbox of the line that is in edit mode, I attach image.
2.- I click on the OK button, theoretically I should commit in the data source, and the checkbox component should be checked.
3. After step 2 the checkbox remains unchecked automatically, and the datasource has not registered the true of the checked field.
The problem is that I cannot persist the change to true in the field because it is not retained by the component.
Greetings and thanks.
The screenshots are in reverse order.

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem. We will be able to help you if you send us a small sample project along with a reproduction scenario that demonstrates the issue.