Mobile application and thanks for version 6.4

Hello, the first thing is to congratulate the team for this great version (6.4), especially for polymer which I want to keep developing, to close the circle I wonder if it is planned to be able to make applications to install in mobile (through cordova or another component) Within our application Cuba we have the need to be able to access it from mobiles but with local database in the mobile and synchronization with the central application of Cuba, will it be possible at any time ?.
Greetings and thanks.


Thanks for your question. The Polymer client is aimed to provide a good user experience on mobile devices including offline mode and ability to be installed on a device.

Currently, together with the Polymer we offer to use Progressive Web Applications techniques such as app manifest [1] [2] to have native-like presence on the user’s homescreen. See the manifest.json file in Polymer client module.

As for offline - there are two main approaches:

  1. Service Workers which
    primarily used to cache the app itself. Take a look at sw-precache-config.js file scaffolded in Polymer client. In order to enable service worker generation change assemble task of Polymer module in the following way:

    task assemble(type: NodeTask, dependsOn: installBowerPackages) {
        script = file("node_modules/gulp/bin/gulp.js")
        args = ['build-sw']

More info on how to setup and use service workers can be found here

  1. Local storage and Indexed DB which used to store data locally.
    Take a look at the following Polymer elements:

It should be mentioned that not all of these technologies are already implemented everywhere (i.e. service workers are not implemented in Safari)

Cordova is something that we are thinking about however it’s a subject of research and discussions.

Thanks Vlad for the explanation