Mix design time access groups with runtime access groups

Is it possible to have a hierachy where the parent access group is a design time access group and the children are defined at runtime.

- Parent (design time, AnnotatedAccessGroupDefinition)
  - child 1 (runtime)
     - user 1
     - user 2
  - child 2 (runtime)
     - user 3

I’m asking, because it looks like the constraints aren’t working and the hierachy doesn’t represent the actual structure, when I add a (design time) parent group to a (runtime defined) child group.

It is impossible to mix design-time access groups with run-time access groups. This functionality is not implemented because it causes certain difficulties.


Hi @firstova, thanks for your answer! I see, but this would be really useful. E.g. ship some constraints for some access groups with the product and then specify individual constraints for child groups. Maybe this can be thought over in an upcoming release.

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