Migration Guide to V7

I remember reading in the past something about the creation of a guide to migrate V6 projects to v7.

Is done and I missed? or is not released yet?


Not done yet.
But please be aware that you DO NOT need to migrate existing code to the new screens API - it will work as is when you upgrade your project to CUBA 7.
Use the new API for the new code - see links to documentation in release notes.

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Hi Konstantin,
Thanks for taking that initiative to create a guide on migration. Though project migration is pretty straight forward and automatic in the Studio (thanks for taking that heavy-weight-lifting job), I suppose the migration document you’re working on is focusing on a kind of a cheat-sheet where developers who can be benefited with while migrating from old way/API to new API so that we do not have issues later when you plan to remove the deprecated API. This will also simplify developers migrating from using old API to new API.

I remember having some errors last time I tried, I have to recheck it. With getValue for example.

But what happens to all that shownotifications() marked as deprecated once removed from CUBa, or will always be there? I think should be changed in projects right?

Could you clarify what exactly deprecations you mean?

It’s just a thought while you’re creating a guide on migration. As there has been some new API introduced, if such document contains examples that may help.

First of all, out of the box I have dozens of errors like

error: incompatible types: Object cannot be converted to Date

And other errors like using StringUtils and so on…
About deprecated, I see now this:

You say this is backwards compatibility and only worry about new code, but I understand that in some moment this backwards compatibility will be droped, and If I don’t migrate this code, maybe will fail in the future.

Hi Giuseppe,

We are not going to remove the old screens API any time soon, so we have decided to remove the deprecation annotations. You won’t see them when migrate to the next 7.0.2 update.

Sorry for late reply. Ok,I will try to check it again once I get time. Thanks