Migration from 6.9 to 6.10 - migration db script


We recently moved from 6.9 to 6.10 into production and we met an issue: columns rest_access and is_system were missing from report_report table.

In development, Studio does the migration transparently, but we do not use Studio on production database. So I looked for migration scripts and did no find any.

I ended adding columns manually in the table.

Is there a way to retrieve the migration scripts of Studio ?

I tried to create a project in 6.9, create database, then moved to 6.10, Studio does the migration quietly and does not provide the db scripts to do so (or I missed them ?)


Hi Michael,

Is there a way to retrieve the migration scripts of Studio?

These database scripts are delivered with the Reporting module.
if you execute deploy tomcat using Studio you can find necessary scripts in the tomcat\webapps\app-core\WEB-INF\db directory.

Also you can use cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate property. All required scripts will run on server startup. Execution of Database Scripts by Server - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual