Migrating to 7.0.0

I want to migrate to version 7
My IDE see that I have version 7.0.0, but the gradle is 6.1
How do I Migrate to version 7? or should I upgrade to 7.0.4?
If I run my test in this situation, I null exception because appProperties.get("cuba.confDir") is null in TestContainer


There is an issue is CUBA Studio. It determines Platform version as the highest from all App components used in the project. So in case your project uses platform 6.10 and has application component that based on platform 7, you will see platform version from app component in CUBA Project Properties window.
To migrate project to version 7 you can temporary remove app component (e.g. comment appComponent("com.haulmont.addon...")
Then actual version from build.gradle should be in the Platform version field. Change it to 7.0.X and after migration process completed uncomment appComponent definition.