Migrate from existing soft

We had chosen spring (+spring data), vaadin (still 6.8), activiti, postgres a few years ago, now…about 300 Kloc and ± 500 classes.
Reading the roadmap, we realised that 6,4 would be an excellent choice for us. ( and up to vaadin 7+).
What would be the effort to migrate? Is Haulmont could do this stuff and maintain it (third party maintenance)?
Thanks and all the best for the new year
(apologyse…poor english…french speaking)

Hi Xavier,

Good to hear you are interested in our platform!

The migration of an existing application can be done with the help of Studio:

  1. You create a new project in Studio and connect it to your existing database.

  2. Using the “Generate model” wizard, you can automatically create data model classes and standard CRUD screens from the existing DB schema. So at this point you already have an application that can display and edit all your data, but in a generic way.

  3. After that, you have to rewrite your business logic and specific UI functionality using CUBA API - there is no automatic migration at this step. However, Studio visual designer will facilitate your working with UI screens, creating service stubs and other.

Haulmont provides a range of consultancy services including custom development, see https://www.cuba-platform.com/consulting-and-development. If you are interested, please email us at info@cuba-platform.com to arrange a call or whatever is convenient for you.

Happy New Year and looking forward to hearing from you!