Middleware cluster session persistence

I am working on setting up a deployment with two application servers, each containing a client and middleware component. Similar to your “stage 4” deployment except we didn’t separate client and middleware servers.

I have enabled cross middleware communication using the cluster options described in your documentation and I can see user sessions across application servers in the User Sessions screen so I think this is working as expected, however when doing fail over testing I have found that the user is forced to re-login and the user session is not persisted across application servers.

Is this expected with my setup? I was expecting session persistence. How can I confirm my communication via JGroups is working as expected, is seeing user sessions in the user session log across application servers enough?


Thank you,
Corey Amoruso

Upon further review of the documentation on application scaling, I think I’ve come to understand that if the client goes down and you have to connect to another client server this will always require the user to login. This is regardless of the middleware replication setup, is that accurate?

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Users have to relogin after cluster node failover because Vaadin-based web client does not support replication of the web session that holds state of the web client.
Vaadin sessions contain all state of screens, including loaded entities, tables etc. They are too heavy to replicate them in cluster (can weigh from 100KB to several megabytes).