Microsoft SQL Server issue since Platform-6.5.0

My app was failing to deploy, then I updated the class and url:

From Cuba:




Then I copied the JTDS driver into the lib directory and the application deployed successfully.

When I deploy a war with Drivers included I have noticed that since 6.5.0 the Microsoft SQL Server(Not Microsoft SQL Server 2012) option no longer uses the JTDS driver. Is there a reason for the change?

I understand that this is a relatively easy fix, but at a continuous update for changing apps creates a problem.

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This might explain the issue I am having. The application deploys fine from cuba studio, but when i create a WAR and deploy it, the application does not launch.

I can switching to the JTDS driver allowed my application to deploy from a WAR file without issue. The only change made was switching to JTDS.

In the topic I have described the reason of the problem and how to solve it until we fix it in Studio.
Thank you.