Microsoft has acquired GitHub

I’m pretty sure most of you already acknowledged this news…

I’m not against Microsoft as a company, but I’m a bit more reluctant putting my code where a big corporation has its hands on.
Maybe this is a troll, like many others out there, but this tweet, that spread in the last days, gives me some doubts on the real “feelings” MS has on OSS movement:

What do you think about this acquisition? Are you planning to migrate, or at least mirror, some of your repos somewhere else?

As far as my OSS code is concerned, I plan to gradually mirror my projects somewhere else, first on BitBucket then (maybe) on a private Git server.


At the moment I’m evaluating to migrate to Bitbucket without discarding GitLab. I think Microsoft isn’t interested in open software, it only interests the ideas of many developers to be integrated into their products in the future.

Nelson F.

I doesn’t really think that it is a bad thing to happen.

Sure, MC have lots of bad desigions related to buyed producs (skype,nokia etc) . But there still a chance that we will just have soft integration in MC ecosystem (i am thinking most about Bing and cloud).

Again, i try to think optimistic about that purchase.

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I’m sure MS has acquired GitHub not for killing it. Whether it will be a better or worse service under MS - time will tell. Anyway, I’m sure we will have enough time to prepare and move in case we are not satisfied.