Metaclass definition style in platform version 6.x and 7.x

The metaClass has been defined with a $ mark in version 6.x and _ in version 7.x (example: version 6.x = erp$Payroll and version 7.x = erp_Payroll). I have a project that I started developing in 6.x but continued to platform version 7.x where this is confusing may sometimes and need to keep track of which Entity was created in which platform and use it in Query.

Is there any suggestion on how can I migrate it to the platform v 7.x without any impact?

You can change generation rules in CUBA Studio plugin settings


Thank you Andrey. This is helpful. However, I already have mixed naming (with $ and _). How can I convert them to one e.g. _ ? Will refactoring work or we have any other better option?


We don’t have an automatic conversion for this case. I guess manual refactoring is the only option here.