Menu separators not shown when using a denying role


let me explain the issue:

  1. create an app with a menu consisting of several items and some separators between them
  2. define a couple of roles, one denying all by default, the other enabling the entire menu tree (so everything should be displayed), and the needed entities/screens
  3. assign the 2 roles above to a new user
  4. login with that user
  5. open the menu

You’ll see that separators are missing… probably they’re filtered out by the denying role, but obviously that’s wrong.


Thank you for finding a possible bug in the platform. We’ve created an issue.

Hi Paolo,

This bug will be fixed it in the next bugfix version on 6.6.5 release.

Hi Paolo,

We have released the RCs of platform and Studio version 6.7 where this bug is fixed. Feel free to try.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: