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I have downloaded the sample-model-master project and I am going through it to get some ideas and enhance my knowledge.
I have noticed that the menu becomes available on the left hand side of the screen but I cannot figure out how you have achieved this.
Is it some code you have written (extension) and if so how can I review it, or some kind of configuration that I can’t find (that would be great - set menu on top, left, bottom, right by just selecting where I want it and even better by allowing the user to select it in the settings)?
Thank you in advance.

You should see

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This component is the SideMenu and you can use it in the MainWindow extention and place it anywehere you want. See the documentation.

To extend MainWindow you can use templates from Generic UI tab in the CUBA Studio. Also you can check the documention about main window layout.

For some enhancements and new ideas you can take a look at CUBA dashboard demo See source code here:
And Sampler

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