Menu authorization

how can I assign rights to bean calls with programming roles authorization defined in the user menu.
Menu -> help menu -> help -> UserHelpMenuBean

It’s not quite clear what do you mean.
There are no permissions “for bean calls” in CUBA.
There are permissions for menu items.

Also there are “specific permissions” which are essentially named permissions to be used by developer manually in the code. Those can be checked by the developer anywhere in the code, including the bean calls. Probably they will be suitable for you: A.permissions.xml - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

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I thank you for your answer. for the first I added @ScreenAccess (screenIds = {“helpUserMenuBean, …})” to variable in and works. but it’s unconventional. I didn’t find an option in roles designer.

thanks again for your answer and I’m sorry for my knowledge of english …

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Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created a Github issue.
This feature will be implemented in next Jmix Platform release.


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