Memory insufficient error

I have been getting an error that states that I am running low on memory, it looks similar to this:


I tried giving it more memory but upon restart there is no change, and I am left to work with the exact amount of memory.

the error itself gives me a location on my computer where the error will be fixed, but that folder does not exist.

is there a way I can allocate some more memory for cuba from within the app?


There is an issue with CUBA Studio *.vmoptions file which is used to change memory settings.

To make the Memory Settings dialog work you need to create empty file named cuba-studio64.exe.vmoptions in the CUBA Studio configuration folder (C:\Users\user\.CubaStudio2019.2\config on Windows). Or rename the studio64.exe.vmoptions file if exists.
Then restart CUBA Studio, go to Help -> Change Memory Settings and set desired Maximum Heap Size value.