Maximum Sessions Settings In Lori Timesheet


We, at Artinfo company like to use the Timesheet project for our staff. We know that currently the free version limits to 5 concurrent sessions. We can purchase the platform in order to maximize this limit, but in the user guides or manuals we could not find how to lift the concurrent user sessions limit.

If you could please confirm us the way to do this or let us know that the purchasing the license would automatically lift this limit, we would want to proceed as we liked the Timesheet application very much.

We will be waiting eagerly for your response.

Thank you,

Hi Vishwas!
The limitation you mentioned was related to the old way of CUBA Platform licensing. In 2016 Platform went open source, so now there are no runtime limitations in Lori Timesheets. You can use them without any additional payments.

However, if you want to modify the application (e.g. adapt it to your needs), you will need a commercial license for CUBA Studio for the time of development, as Lori Timesheets are using premium addons. You can purchase the license in our store.

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