Master/Detail view using Calendar component as Master

Hi, I am trying to have a master/detail view similar to the one cuba creates when making a combined browse/edit window, except that instead of my master view to be a table I want to use a calendar.

So I have set up my datasources: one collectionDatasource for the Calendar source, and one Datasource for the detail view (fieldgroup).
In my Calendar component, I have set the collectionDatasource as datasource, and my events are showing without problem.
Now I need to setItem() for the single Datasource when I click an Event in the Calendar, so that I can get the detail in the fieldGroup.
Is there a way to obtain the clicked event’s entity instance from the calendar click listener?

calendar.addEventClickListener(clickEvent ->
           singleDatasource.setItem(###what to put here?###)


CalendarEventClickEvent has information about corresponding entity, so just invoke clickEvent.getEntity() method.



Simple enough! Thank you very much for your help.