Master Detail Screen Edit Problem

I’ve a screen master detail layout. On Edit side I designed a tabsheet with two tabs. Each tab has, form components. On Second tabs all fields are always enabled, also when I am not in edit mode. On first tab instead work good.
here a video

I think I understood the problem. Using MasterDetail, a form with id = “form” must be present. If I rename id = “form1” to the opening of the window it goes in error because it doesn’t find id form. So it seems to me to have understood that the enabling and disabling of the whole edit part is linked to a component with id = form name. So it doesn’t work if you use a tabsheet with forms for each tab

Solved… looking code of Cuba, I seen that, it search alsoo tabsheet. Simply you need to name tabsheet with id=“tabSheet”

Exactly. Also, you can override the getTabSheet() method in your controller and return whatever component you need.

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