Master-Detail relationships steps for v 6.3.6

I am getting started with CUBA and having difficulty finding the steps for setting up master-detail screens. The docs don’t match up with 6.3.6. I am importing existing tables. When I create my one to many relationships and nested collection datasource, I am unable to generate corresponding screens and the nested datasource disappears.

I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance on this topic.



Hi David,

What docs are you using, and what problem exactly have you faced? Could you please provide the steps to reproduce your problem.

Hi Olga,

I have 2 existing SQL Server tables: A and B, in a one to many relationship, where table B has a foreign key that references the primary key in table A.

I created a new column in table A with Attribute Type = Association, Type = B, Cardinality = One to Many, Collection Type = List and Mapped By = Foreign Key in table B.
In table B the foreign key column is defined as Attribute Type = Association, Type = A and Cardinality = Many to One.

I created a new nested collection for B under datasource A.
I created a new A-B view where I tagged the columns from both tables A and B

When I create standard screens for view A-B, no container is produced for table B rows and the nested collection disappears.

I know I am doing something wrong. I am new. I have never done this with CUBA before. How do I generate the screens to show the table A (master) editor with table B (details)? What are the steps.? Should I upgrade to the latest version?

Thanks for your help,

I updated to latest version of Studio and upgraded the project as well and all is working now. I was trying to follow the steps from the wrong version.