Masquerade continuation?


I see that the latest version of Masquerade tool is 1.0.7 - 2018-11-13. Is it discontinued ?

I was planning to use it to build a test suite for the REST services of my applications built over Cuba 7.



  1. The latest Masquerade release was in 2020.
    Releases · cuba-platform/masquerade · GitHub

  2. Masquerade is a tool for testing Web UI.
    It doesn’t offer anything for REST services, unless you plan to mix REST calls with manipulating Web UI screens in your tests.

Hi @albudarov

I was looking at and old deposit place probably.

For the REST part, I saw this post suggesting that it was possible with masquerade-connector, based itself on retrofit2.

It is interesting in my case to have services stub generated for testing my REST services programmatically.


As it is said in the post, it was an internal library, and it wasn’t released.

I would suggest to use such common libraries as REST-assured, because in terms of integration testing, there is little special in CUBA REST API.