Marketplace Goes Live!

Today we are happy to present the Marketplace — a catalog bringing together all the add-ons available for CUBA Platform. Marketplace contains either free or paid add-ons, developed by Haulmont or by CUBA community.

We will be grateful if you submit your free or paid components to Marketplace. Please contact us by submitting this form.

Your ideas about Marketplace improvements are very welcome on this topic.


The ability to sort by data component add and sort by update date would be great to fine new components or updates

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John, thank you for your suggestion.

Currently, the components are sorted by the following algorithm.
Firstly, they are sorted by category: the order of categories is add-ons -> localizations -> applications. Inside the category, they are sorted by update date. Later on, we plan to implement sorting by reviews (when the number of reviews will be significant enough). I added to the plan sorting by creation date.

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Great thanks

It will be good for the community to see the Marketplace grow.

We made a minor update of the marketplace, including the option of sorting by creation date.

Additionally, we added 6 new add-ons:

Many thanks to @mario, @pfurini, @csh.shop577!