MapViewer not working on server deployment

MapViewer works on localhost but not working on server deployment. Have set property. Is there any more property to be configured?

Javascript console shows warning

util.js:216 Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion Error Messages  |  Maps JavaScript API  |  Google Developers

Appreciate any clues.


It seems that the Vaadin google-maps add-on which is used in CUBA uses old Google Maps API version.
I’ve created an issue that you can track.
Also, I want to clarify, is MapViewer not working at all or only JavaScript warning is showing?
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Thanks for response Daniil.

MapViewer was not working not all. However it turned out be unrelated with above mentioned javascript warning. It was some maps api key usage issue and I have got it resolved now. MapViewer happily working now.


It’s great that everything is okay now.

You are welcome!