Maps and multi-location routing solutions

Hi CUBA team
I need to add map related functionalities in my CUBA application where the required functionalities are:

  • Multi-location stop route planning (waypoints and delay time at each waypoint)
  • round-trip route planning
  • Travel time calculation (planned & actual). Actual time should be captured and calculated automatically based on the related client smart phone location
  • Multi-location stop route navigation by road (generally truck driver will use to deliver goods)
  • Getting geo-location from address database for route planning
  • Suggest alternate routes to cover the selected stops (addresses) and recommend most efficient sequence of stops for the route

Both web app and mobile app (hybrid is ok) is required.

I’m new to google API but seems that Google directions API will cover most of the requirements but may need more… Do you currently have all the related APIs in CUBA or have plan for near future that will be sufficient to develop the above functionalities? If not, what is your suggestions and how that can work within my existing CUBA application?

Do you think Google URL is an alternate option?

Thanks for your advice.


We are not planning to introduce such APIs in the platform. You can use one of third party Java libraries, such as GitHub - googlemaps/google-maps-services-java: Java client library for Google Maps API Web Services