Maps add-on storage problems


just tested the maps add-on. Great features, works fine in the end, except
one issue:
In terms of the location attributes (defining, annotations, etc) I did the same as in the Maps add-on video.
As debugging shows, attributes are set (coordinates came not from interactive drawing, but from, google maps service, and were appropriate) before saving it to database, but on db they are NULL.
Any suggestions ?


Hi, @willi

Thank you for a feedback!

It looks like the coordinates are not committed to a database for some reason. The problem might be related to the data context, for example if your changes are not tracked.
You can create a small project demonstrating the problem and attach it here so that we can give you a more detailed answer.


Hi Gleb, thanks for your answer.
I assume that’s not the reason, because there were other attributes changed in the same
context (add-on is already installed in a project) which were updated on db.
Maybe I should examine it in a small testprojekt, but possibly it reacts different…
To make it clear: declaring the attr. as point (with annotations shown in the vid.) and handle it as attr. usually be handled should be ok?
No differences?

Yes, geometry attributes can be handled as normal attributes, i.e. you can change them via setters.
Maybe the problem is in the geometry value you are trying to set?

don’t think so, for front end tests I generated values from gg.maps and imported it to db via sql, no problem.
But anyway, I’ll examine it, thx.

solved, was my fault (copy&paste devil), sorry.
Great add-on, subscription will follow.

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