Maps add-on : routing and location tracking?

This is an interesting add-on. I am curious to know if it is possible to:

  • Routings - route calculation and selection or suggestions of best route based on preferences
  • Duration calculation
  • Multipoint stop and go route planning
  • Location of a device (say smartphone or gps enabled devices) on the map at real-time. See history of travel over time
  • Can also be used for mobile app e.g React

Thanks for clarifying

I found a good list of leaf-let plug-ins here where all of the above functionalities can be made available. Few more useful features in addition to above would be:

  • Tracking and virtual fence notifications

Now question is, are those plug-ins are going to work by default?

Hi, @mortozakhan!

Our aim for the first release was to provide an appropriate alternative to the existing Google Maps component and built a basement of an add-on with essential features for building geographical information system on CUBA.

So, the features you have listed are not included in the add-on yet. The good news is that the add-on integrates spacial types from JTS library - the most popular java library for working with spatial data. This gives you a compatibility with many other frameworks for solving a wide range of GIS tasks.

Soon we will publish an article in our blog, where this add-on is compared to our previous maps add-on in detail.

As for leaflet plugins, it is possible to integrate them in your application, but you have to write a vaadin wrapper first.