Map @EnableRestore entity annotation in Studio

Small suggestion : in Studio, have a checkbox in entity editor to activate or not the @EnableRestore annotation. Currently, the only way is to set it in the IDE. I would see it as a first class option in Studio along “versioned” and “soft delete”.

Hi Michael,
You are right, now it is not obvious how to enable restore for an entity.
Perhaps we should even make all SoftDelete entities available for restore by default, and use @EnableRestore(false) for disabling it.
Thanks for the hint.

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That would make sense indeed, as SoftDelete without data recovery seems of little sense functionnaly. In fact I discovered the @EnableRestore annotation after having myself trying to restore a soft deleted entity without success.

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In platform 6.4+ all soft deleted entities will be available for restore by default (see PL-7486). The opposite need is very rare, so we decided not to add the option to Studio.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: