MANY-YO-MANY Debug Example


Do you have a many-to-many association simple (2 entities) demo example?
I have two entities: payments and transactions.
From a payment I need to choose couple of transactions. I tried with tokenList but I have the following message (even I have set the datasource):
DevelopmentException: Neither metaClass nor datasource/property is specified for the PickerField


Sure, take a look at the Cookbook pages:

What about the error message?
Beside manual page, is there any specific demo example?

It says: if you have defined pickerField you have to either set datasource and property or set metaClass attribute in XML (or programmatically). The same applies for TokenList usage.

See also TokenList demo in Sampler:

Hi Yuriy,
Thank you for your support.

Unfortunately I have an error (see below).
[37, 53] The state field path ‘’ cannot be resolved to a valid type.

Also I don’t know how can I debug this.