Many to many in fieldgroup via studio

I have pixels on AdGropupEntity which is ManyToMany relation to PixelEntity.
The studio let me to add pixels to ad-group-entity-edit.xml.
when I open the screen I get the error: IllegalArgumentException: Can't create component for the 'pixels' with given meta class 'crm$AdGroupEntity'

Is fieldGroup able to manage ManyToMany? if now, what are my options?

Hi Avi,

Many-to-many attribute is a collection, right? How do you suppose to edit a collection in a single field of a field group?
Probably you should use a table with Add/Remove actions.


@knstvk Thank you.
I thought that there is a special “field” to handle that.
Can you pelase point me to an example to handle this case?

Look here: Many-to-Many Associations

I know how to perform many to many relation…

    joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "AD_GROUP_ENTITY_ID"),
    inverseJoinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "PIXEL_ENTITY_ID"))
protected List<PixelEntity> pixels;

I was looking how to handle protected List<PixelEntity> pixels in the edit screen.
Looking for a sample code for that.

The section I mentioned contains links to Live Demo app and to the screens source code. If something not clear, please ask more specific questions.