Manually set standard entity attributes

Hi, I use the JSON exporter and importer for loading my environments with a reserved collection of data files for testing or demo purposes. I see that although the JSON data includes values for the standard entity attributes (createdBy, createTs, updatedBy, updateTs), these values are ignored and set by the system upon load. So instead of using the provided createTs of Jan 1, 2019, it uses the current timestamp at the time of the load. I can see how this is usually the desired outcome but you can see in my situation it is not. Is there any way to override this functionality? Kind of like entityManager.setSoftDeletion() does? If not, I suppose native queries is the way to go.

BTW, I have not tested what happens with deletedBy and deleteTs yet. But I would want them to come over as provided… Thank you.

I added my own “version” date fields and made sure I used them in my logic rather than the standard entity date fields.