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at the moment i am dealing with Localization inteface. I extended localisation addon by @mario. Problem is that there is 3500 strings to localize and i need 10 languages. And performance is really slow.

I extended localization interface to enhance localization experience:

Is there any option how can i generate and owerwrite files on application startup or at runtime?

Also how can i search for all files actively used in uberJar at runtime?

I am using app deployment in uberJar.

Any help would be gratly appreciated.

Not sure it’s relevant to your task, but what about generating files in the Configuration Directory? They will have priority over the files in the same paths built into the app.

The configuration directory is ${app.home}/conf by default.

@krivopustov thats sounds promissing. Is there any option how can i aquire all files and location of them on the runtime?

what am i thinking. I will create method that will get all the files from app, then import keys into marios localisation addon. I will then create scheduled task to update /conf files based on database translations.

Do you see some space for this to work?

You can use Spring’s classpath scanning tools. See an example in our

Not sure about scheduled task, maybe better to deploy on some event.

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