Make Entity not draggable in Calendar

Hi team!

How do I set an appointment in the Calendar component as not draggable? I do no want it to be resizeable or moveable.

Cuba version: 7.2

Thank you

The resizing and moving in the Calendar component are not built-in functionality - you would have had to implement that functionality in the respective event listeners. So, in said listeners, simply do nothing on the appointments you want to not be movable/resizable.

I just added a calendar and some datasource and the entities are draggable and resizeable, only the drag event and move event are not implemented. This means I can move the entity on the calendar but there is no change after I refreh. I want the user not to be able to move the entity at all.

Ah, right, I’d forgotten, the moves/resizes happen visually, but nothing happens to the data until you implement the listeners. I would implement said listeners and in them do nothing except refresh. From the user’s perspective it should look like nothing happened.