MAJOR issue this AM in Studio; nothing relating to CUBA resolving

So I go to start working this AM, fire up Studio… hundreds of red lines; nothing relating to CUBA is being found. All the imports for CUBA show Cannot resolve symbol 'haulmont'

Screenshot attached. Obviously, we’re dead in the water here.

its fine from me atm, I’ll try to help with few obvious hints

Standalone Studio, completely updated. Nothing changed since yesterday.


  • is your subscription expired maybe
  • this probably needs some help from Haulmont which will take some time, but in your place I would uninstall, make sure it’s clean and then install again, it’s under 10 minutes.

… uninstall…? That seems like a pretty terrible idea, since I have a fairly major app built here. Seems like a pretty bad idea to uninstall.

  • Rebuilding the project?
  • File->Invalidate Caches/Restart ?

Your work directory with the source code will still remain, so after re-install you just open the project again. That’s what I would do if I would be in a hurry. If you are hesitant, install on another PC and try there … some experimentation is needed to isolate the problem.

Trying invalidate/restart now; takes quite some time…

Another thing that comes to my mind is the version of the studio. (Help->About)
I have CUBA Studio 2020.2 , Build #CS-202.7660.151, built on December 9, 2020, and I remember uninstalling the one I had before, not upgrading it, but having a clean install.
Could be that you kept upgrading it and there is a problem with that, although this is just my thought in the dark. (that’s why I said install clean somewhere and start some project to see if haulmont is resolving there)

Invalidate/restart did work. But the question is - what happened to cause the issue in the first place?

One can speculate, and a broad explanation like “there was something cached it did not like” is obviously not an answer.

  • files get corrupted - start disk integrity check when you go for a sleep
  • could be some cached files were old/wrong version, or outdated

Entropy is everywhere, especially in IT systems as they are very complex. There is even a type of problem called “configuration entropy” and that is what hit you.
That’s why I like to backup, and I backup everything, including installers. Also, no MS Windows PC will ever remain under my use without being wiped and reinstalled at least once a year. Server 2 years.

Development environments like Eclipse, IntelliJ, MS Visual Studio … anything that changes a lot and writes around a lot needs some regular maintenance. That is why I prefer to clean install a new version because I always assume that QA may miss some chain upgrade scenario.

Anyway, you are good now, and I was glad to see you are still around.

Fair enough. I just always like to find a cause, when possible. Obviously not possible in this situation. :smiley: