Main Window

Hi, i’m trying to create a new Main Window.

After created, i recompiled solution, but when i Open my App, not seeing the new window. Why?


Hi, i’ve created a button on main Screen, and then i see Button :slight_smile: (it’s same structure and i thing that is not charging)

Extension of main window is similar to extension of other screens from base projects.
For more information see the documentation:

Hi, i’ve created a TabSheet and Tab.

When i going to set Caption, i get an error.

I’ve attached Screenshot.


Just don’t click that button; after you type in your caption, press Enter. Your tab says “ventas”, it worked already.

At the time Studio does not create a message pack for extension of a main screen.

You can create it manually:
Open the PROPERTIES tab of the screen designer and fill the “Messages pack” field with the link to the mainwindow package.
After that you will be able to localize your additional components. Required “” files will be added to the package automatically.

Ok, it’s a bug ?

I’ve put in field “idiomas” abd then i can edit all captions.

The problem is fixed in the Studio version 6.3.0: the “Messages pack” field is filled automatically.