Loosing Column name When changing Attribute Type from Composition to ASSOCIATION


Just reportng this problem, If I change the Attribute Type while addding Entity-> Add Attribute and selecting the Attribute Type from Association to Compositon, and then back to Association, I will loose this important Associaion Attribute Column Name Field, but at the moment, it is only problem when changing from Composition to Association, otherwise changing from other Attribute Type to Association will not reflect this issue.

Hi Samuel,
Let me guess that for Association you use ‘Many to One’ Cardinality. If my suggestion is correct then there is no issue in the system, because when you change Association to Composition the Attribute Type automatically changes to ‘One to Many’. When you set Association Attribute Type back Cardinality remains the same. So, for ‘One to Many’ you have ‘Mapped by’ field instead of ‘name’ where you can create inverse attribute. Changing Cardinality to ‘Many to One’ (as you had initially) will return the ‘name’ field.