LookupField Doubts

In LookupField ,any Select Method is there to invoke

Hello @ranjisona

You can use the addValueChangeListener() method for this task: documentation.


It is not working for me.

I have attached source codelookupfield.zip (83.8 KB)

First of all, you had not added the @Inject annotation for the lookupField.

Secondly, when you set datasource and property the corresponding field should has the same type as field values. It means that if your field contains Employees, the given property should has the Employee type.

And thirdly, you should pass some string representation of your objects to the showNotification() method.

I’ve reworked your sample. Please take a look at this:

lookupfield.zip (76.2 KB)

Without using HEAD_ID it won’t work

Please update your database via Studio.

I update database, but my question is we have to use HEAD_ID is compulsory for selecting.

It is just an example. If you want to use only name of Employee entity do not bind LookupField with datasource and property. Just add ValueChangeListener and update the name of datasource employee manually.