Lookup screen not fit 100% width


I have a ready project long time ago. Now I make fault corrections. After I deleted some entity, I rebuilt the project and everything works fine, except two lookup screen where the datatable is not 100% width. I attached a photo about it. You can see there is more empty space. I did not set a lesser width or modify anything. I tried to recreate the screen, but no change, same appearing. The deleted entity did not touched this screen’s entity.

Could you help me why my entity table do not fit the full screen?



It seems that the table saved its size in the user’s settings. So, you can try one of the following:

  1. Add the settingsEnabled=“false” attribute to your table to disable settings at all for this table.
  2. Go to the Entity Inspector (Administration > Entity Inspector), load instances of UserSettings entity, remove them all and restart the application.
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