Lookup error object detached

good evening I have a problem with the lookup from entity named “Fornitura” to “tipofornitura”. Could you help me? I have checked out the views and the teching.
The example project is attached.
Thanks so much.savio.zip (13.6 MB)


Could you describe the steps leading to the error, please? And what is the error message?

This is my error and steps SavioError.pdf (860.2 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Hi, just change your drop-down list view. Hope this will help

        <collection id="prog_tipoforniturasDc" class="com.company.savio.entity.Tipofornitura">
            <view extends="_local"/>
            <loader id="prog_tipoforniturasDl">
                    <![CDATA[select e from savio_Tipofornitura e]]>

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Thanks, this change solves my problem.
Best regards