Lookup/Browse table rightest column overlapped by right scrollbar


Have seen that a long time ago, but our clients have noticed the issue.

As you can see below, in browser full-screen the rightest column is overlapped by the right scrollbar. Would not be an issue if there was the bottow scrollbar but that’s not the case.

There is something slightly wrong in layout calculations : either all the table columns fit entirely in the width, either the bottom scrollbar should be there.

It is prominent in our case, as we format all numbers to right alignment everywhere.

All lookup/browse screens are concerned, tested on Firefox & Chrome.



EDIT: same with a non-right aligned field like a date see below.

It happens when CUBA manages to put all columns without deciding to put bottom scrollbar


Hello, @michael.renaud

Do you mean that right column is overlapped by vertical scrollbar while there is no horizontal scrollbar, am I right?


Yes exactly, Daniil

A similar example below : we format each column with figures to right-align (header & value), I think it comes from there.

“Client Principal” below : empty content, the header size is correct = width of the label, no overlapping.

And after that figures columns for which computed header width seems a bit off, there is overlapping.

Of course columns sizes have not been changed manually (through preferences).



By default, Table saves the order and size of columns for each user in SEC_USER_SETTING table (sec$UserSetting entity). Could you check whether user settings exist for this screen or not?

Deleted every setting, same.

See below, it happens when 2 conditions are met : header right-aligned and cell content widh is inferior to header width (lines with 0 below : one should read “Remise %”, “Remise”, “Transport” as headers)


Okay, thank you, I’ll investigate the problem and give a response as soon as possible.

I’ve reproduced your problem. Could you confirm whether GroupTable is used on this screen or not?

An issue on GitHub: link.


Yes, Daniil, it’s GroupTable