Login with email-address (and social login)


Cuba Platform standard has usernames for login. Is it possible to make users login with emailadresses instead of login names?

If yes, how is this possible?

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Why is this question not answered?

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At the moment our authentication mechanism is not so flexible as we want. We are planning to rework it in release 6.7.
See this ticket for details: https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issue/PL-9404

In case of email login in web client there is a simple workaround to enable it.

  1. Extend loginWindow screen using Studio: Generic UI - New - Login Window
  2. Override doLogin and doLoginRememberMe methods:

public class ExtAppLoginWindow extends AppLoginWindow {
    private DataService dataService;

    protected void doLogin(String login, String password, Locale locale) throws LoginException {
        super.doLogin(findLoginByEmail(login), password, locale);

    protected void doLoginByRememberMe(String login, String rememberMeToken, Locale locale) throws LoginException {
        super.doLoginByRememberMe(findLoginByEmail(login), rememberMeToken, locale);

    private String findLoginByEmail(String email) throws LoginException {
        if (!email.contains("@")) {
            return email;
        // find user login by email using dataService
        List<User> users = dataService.loadList(LoadContext.create(User.class)
                .setQuery(new LoadContext.Query("select u from sec$User u where u.email = :email")
                        .setParameter("email", email)));

        if (users.isEmpty()) {
            throw new LoginException("Unable to find user");

        return users.get(0).getLogin();

Alternative solution - create a user with the login that is equal to email. In this case don’t need to extend loginWindow and perform conversion.

As for social login, now there is no simple way to create custom authentication for web application and REST-API.

We have implemented necessary external mechanisms for REST-API in release 6.6 and prepared demo with facebook login for web application.
We will share demos and documentation on this topic right after 6.6 release.