Localization of the common modules for cuba 6.4.(1)

I want to localize the Cuba common modules like administration etc. to German. The Readme.md of the translation-master on Github states: "Copy the following English files from content/en/{version}/cuba/modules directory to your project and rename them for the required locale (zz in this example):"
Unfortunately I can only find the version 6.3. Is there another repository for 6.4 or shall I use 6.3 version?
kind regards


you are right, i haven’t checked 6.4 for the updates in the translation keys and added a corresponding directory in the github repo.

However, you can just use the 6.3 version. There might be a little delta between the keys and ones in 6.4 (especially for the new features), but most of it stayed the same…

Additionally, i would suggest, that instead of having to manually copy over the files into your project, you can use this application components from Matthias, that will automatically enable german translation just by adding the dependency to your cuba application. You just have to clone it manually, open it in studio, do a “Build > Install app component” and then you can add it to your project.