Localisation : allows defaulting to English


It would be nice that localized messages could default to English if not defined for locale, instead of ..

Speaking as a french guy here, quite often french and english words for the same notion are similar. And if you forget a field in localization, it’s less of an issue to have english word popping instead of .


Hi Mike,

I believe it will work as you want if you make the English localization default, i.e. English message files will not have a language suffix.
The message search algorithm is described here: Message Packs - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual. And there is a recommendation:

If the application is international, it is reasonable to use default files for the language of the application primary audience or for the English language, so that the messages from these default files are displayed to the user if the messages in the required language are not found.

Indeed, tested it ok and renamed files accordingly. Thanks Konstantin.

I was puzzled because Sutio generates the default localised field name (by parsing and splitting the field name) only if you click on the localisation icon for a field.

As a sidenote, that would be nice to have a way to make Studio generate automatically and systematically the default localised field name, instead of just in time when clicking on field localisation. For English, most of the time we won’t touch it, so it saves a lot of time.

Makes sense, thanks for the hint.