Loading data in Collection DataSource (Ds) in Screen XML is not working

I have a screen where I want employees to be filtered by the company but it is not showing any employee!

Here is you see list of employees created under the company 3 BENGAL …:


Here is the Ds in screen XML where I want the employees for the company

    select e from erp$Employee e
where e.company.id = :ds$companiesDs.id

here is what you see both company and employee Ds in Studio 10


                <column id="lineNumber"/>
                <column id="employeeCode" editable="true"/>
                <column id="employee" editable="true" optionsDatasource="employeesDs"/>
                <column id="reference" editable="true"/>
                <column id="daysSalary" editable="true"/>
                <column id="hours" editable="true"/>
                <column id="rate"/>
                <column id="amount"/>

but when I run the application, I see no employees!


This looks strange! Thanks for any help.

Hello @mortozakhan

Please check related topic here: Group constraint doesn’t work as intended.

It seems that the problem is the same.


I don’t think both of these has same solution since the link you have referred to is related to left join but here there is no join necessary.

As always, when you see something strange or not working as you expected, try to reproduce it on a test project and attach it to the topic.