Load column from other entity in table

Hi, I have three entities: Account, Project and Evaluation. An account can have multiple Projects, Projects can have multiple Evaluations. Now, I want to create a table (view only) to show an overview of the Evaluations with their related Project name (opdrachtnaam) and Account name (klantnaam). I have created a view for the Evaluation entity, which also contains the minimal view for Project and Account. I also created a screen fragment (evaluation-fragment.xml) which contains the table and loads the created Evaluation view. I can successfully load the Evaluation date field and Project name field to the table, but I can’t load the Acount name (klantnaam) in the first column table. How can I get this working?

See example project attached.
testproject.zip (77.2 KB)

Hi @jesse.dijkman,

This solves your problem if I got it right:


Yes, that does the trick! One more question. I want this table to show all projects with their max evaluation_date (and an empty value if no evaluation has been done yet). How do I do that?

Please follow this topic JPQL max() function - CUBA.Platform.

I’m sorry, but I’m a bit stuck here. I’ve created a KeyValueCollection as found in the topic you mentioned. Then I created a JPQL query to get the data, but I’m doing something wrong there. I’m seeing all possible opdrachtnaam/evaluation_date combinations. That’s not what I want. What I want to show in the table is:

  • all projects (opdrachtnaam) with their max(evalution_date)
  • if a project doesn’t have an evaluation yet: still list the project, but show an empty evaluation_date cell

Hopefully you are willing to help me a bit with the query. I can’t figure it out with the documentation only. Thanks in advance!

Here’s the updated project:
testproject.zip (85.9 KB)


This looks much like personal support, rather than general questions. I don’t think that this thread can benefit other community members, because it is massively related to your particular case. For personalized support you are we welcome to consider our commercial support option described here Support & Services – Jmix.