List view UI Component

I would like to have a “list view” for viewing and editing collections. Perhaps it would be a repeating element bound to a CollectionDatasource with a layout embedded in the definition which applies to the data source items.

The Patternfly web site describes the concept well: “A List View displays data in rows. Each row displays the same set of attributes, although not necessarily displayed in columns, and the attributes may wrap. The List View omits column headers and other visual noise, making it a cleaner visualization than a data table.”

An alternative would be a detail row on a table.


Thank you for the Idea! We will think about it in the near future. At the moment you could use DataGrid / Table with hidden headers and generated columns that can contain UI components. See also: DataGrid - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual and DataGrid - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual


has this idea picked up somewhere? I just thought about proposing the same thing. Basically I think there is a need towards a more flexible display mechanism of showing collection datasources.

If it is based on collection datasources, then it should also be combinable with the Filter component e.g. - which would be really interesting as well…

Besides the List view there might also a need for a card list view.

Would be really interested to hear what is the state.