Limited Entities


I have used the free version of Cuba where it is only restricted to 10 entities. May I know, how am I going to make it unlimited? What version that I need to buy?


You can purchase the full version here. It includes unlimited functionality in Studio and premium add-ons subscription: Charts, Reports, BPM, FTS, BI.

Hi Yuriy,

Thanks for the reply. After I have purchased it, is there any issue if I want to change my laptop? Can I still use the same application that I have purchased? Or do I need to repurchase if I want to change my laptop?

Thanks in advance!

You can use as many machines as you want.

Simultaneous usage are not available, but you can just shutdown Studio (no need to uninstall) on one PC and you will be able to use it on any machine. So, it is not per PC, but for you as a developer, personally.